Japan is said nice security country by world. But, I know bad security area in Japan. For example, There are Yakuza’s (Japanese Mafia) town, Bad boy’s town, An entertainment district etc… If you will go to Dangerous Zone Japan, I say “Be careful”.

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7.Shinanomachi, Tokyo

photo by Nori Norisa

Shinanomachi is religion area. There are many many people of various religion.If you will be called out by them, you must ignore.

6.Roppongi, Tokyo

photo by Takayuki Miki

I think Roppongi is the most fun entertainment district in Japan. There are Beautiful building, Theater, Stylish Bar, Club , Nice Restaurant. Roppongi is loved by rich person of Japan.
But, We often hear bad rumor. Bad rumor is Drug and Yakuza. I think you ought not to stroll at night.

5.Nagoya, Aichi

photo by Faustino Garcia

There are many motorcycle gang at Nagoya. They always drive very noisy vehicle. But, motorcycle gang is traditional of Japan. If you find out them, you are lucky. And, you can’t forget the scene.

4.Ikebukuro, Tokyo

photo by Toshi Island paddy

Nagoya is gang town. It’s not Yakuza. Japanese Gang often happen various crime. And, They always take part in group actions. If you got in a tangle with gang, you should go away.

3.Shinjuku-kabukicho, Tokyo

photo by dat’

There are club which provides male companions at Shinjuku-kabukicho. These club connect Yakuza so strong. Do you know fear of Yakuza. They are the most Berserk and Wise of the world. If you will play at Shinjuku-kabukicho, please be careful.

2.Kitakyushu, Fukuoka

photo by kasa51

Kitakyushu is Yakuza Town. I am given bad impression by This town. There are many Yakuza family, Gang family. So, I heard surprised things which many politician of this town connect Yakuza.

1.Nishinari-Airin, Osaka

photo by hiroshi_nishino

Nishinari is Yakuza Town. Nishinari Town have different atmosphere in Japan. Because, There are many Yakuza and many homeless people. I think you should not go to sightseeing. I’m worried about you.

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