There are a lot of interesting companies in Japan. Recently, They established company that is made by NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training) only. We can’t take my eyes off their action.

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NEET Corporation

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NEET Corporation

  • Name:Neet Corporation
  • Capital:1 million dollars
  • Adress:Tokyo
  • Member:The board members number of 166. The Staff number of 0.

Primary business

They do so many various works.

  • Website Creation
  • Application Development
  • Delivery Web Contents
  • Apparel
  • Party Section
  • Fortunetelling
  • Digital Games Creation
  • Beverage


Most important “Young” and “Force”

Actually, They were socially vulnerable. But, They do exactly what one wants to do. I think It is the best things in life. Japanese is very steady person. We are taught that we should enroll high grade school, high grade company from parents,teacher and various an adult.
So, NEET Corporation is new wings at Japan. I expect their action really.

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