Gift make happy all people. By the way, what Japanese would like. What do you think about it? Is it your country Toy, Food, Photo ,etc… I chose the item We are make happy something from you. I hope you think very useful post.

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We like soul food. It is your country traditional foods. We don’t hope expensive food only. I think we are very happy if you chose very unique food. Japanese is very gourmet people. For example, We are careful in be particular about doneness, form, smell and atmosphere. So, I reccomend unique and rare foods if you will gift foods Japanese.

Fashion Accessories

We like country accessories. I think we don’t know everything about world accessories. But, your country accessories is high sense and beautiful.


You think Japan is so interesting country. But, We think your country is so interesting country too. Because, We have made various and unique culture each side. So, We have interest about your country view. If you take a picture number of 100, We will impress so long long time. And, We will get so fun time. I’m positive about it.

Alcohol & Snack

Japanese can’t drink much. But, We love a great deal of Alcohol time. Alcohol have violence face. However, Alcohol present for us good feeling.
We always drink beer. Next, cocktail. Next, wine. Next, Japanese Alcohol ( NIHON-SHU ). etc..
If you can’t decide alcohol what you gift for Japanese, I reccomend your country beer. It will make a happy each side.

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